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We are building a movement. Our network’s goal is to bring people together and inspire them.

We don’t just dole out handouts; we build endless value by striving to equip the poor and vulnerable with the skills, expertise, resources, and assistance they need to break free from deprivation.

We want to challenge, motivate, and encourage people to make a difference! The Universal Karmic Foundation (U.K.F) mission is to promote sustainable development by assisting non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in India and around the world that promote positive impact or seek long-term solutions to challenges. We empower indigenous leaders in securing and asserting their rights at the regional, national, and international levels through our platforms.

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Make your free time invaluable. Our global volunteer network is vital in assisting us in advocating for improved exposure and facilitating long-term empowerment.

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Medicine Help

We Build and Create

We Build and Create

Water Delivery

Water Delivery

Water Delivery

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The places we visit and the people we help may change over time, but the needs really don’t. This is why our core campaigns continue to revolve around Medicine Help, We Build and Create, Water Delivery, Education and Environment projects.

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It's incredible what we've accomplished thus far, and we'd like to thank everyone who helped make it possible.

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But with your cooperation, we can accomplish much more - any and all help is gratefully acknowledged!

  1. Women's Empowerment Support

    Women’s Empowerment Support

    Women’s empowerment is critical for the development of the family, society, and country. Women require a new and more capable environment in order to make the best decisions for themselves, their families, society, and country. In order for the country to be fully developed.

    Rs.10,074.00 donated of Rs.1,000,000.00 goal
  2. Children Nutritional Support

    Children Nutritional Support

    Children living in slums are at a significant risk of malnutrition. Their parents are unable to provide a nutritious and well-balanced meal for their children. Weak and hungry children are unable to concentrate on their studies and other activities, and hence fail to reach their full potential.

    Rs.2,522.00 donated of Rs.1,000,000.00 goal

What We Did

Featured Projects

We are ecstatic to be cooperating with so many organisations, businesses, and individuals that are dedicated to making a difference. We can be a positive force when we work together

When the entire world is waging a critical Corona Virus battle, it is even more difficult for vulnerable children and their families to deal with the situation with limited resources.

According to a recent study, many socioeconomically deprived children in India are suffering psychologically as a result of the abrupt shift of education into digital format following the Covid lock-down.

Deliver Poor Children Nutritional Support

Children living in slums are at a significant risk of malnutrition. Their parents are unable to provide a nutritious and well-balanced meal for their children. Weak and hungry children are unable to concentrate on their studies and other activities, and hence fail to reach their full potential.

Women Empowerment for Sustainable Development

Women’s empowerment refers to the ability of women to make their own decisions by breaking free from the constraints of society and family.

Education for Every Girl in India

Education is the most fundamental criterion or foundation stone of a developed society. Education does not have to be rote learning of theorems and literature, but rather one that concentrates on mental development.

Medical Help for Poor

We’ve all heard that India is a country full with paradoxes. This paradox is also evident in the health care sector. On the one hand, people come from all over the world to seek treatment in India, but on the other hand, many die as a result of poor, substandard, or insufficient healthcare services. 

Sport is a powerful instrument in promoting youth’s holistic development, and giving them with well-structured and professionally-led programmes supports their progress as confident and competent learners, according to U.K.F’s credo.

According to an independent survey conducted last year, more than 70% of the population is aware of the negative consequences of environmental degradation and climate change.


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What People Say About Us

Here is what a number of distinguished individuals and stakeholders have to say about us.

Surendran Business

I'm very delighted I found this charity. They are good stewards of their charitable funds, have fantastic projects, and sincerely care about what they do.

Vinoop P P Volunteer

The Universal Karmic Foundation is an outstanding organisation dedicated to truly supporting communities. They work very well, manage projects, and engage the community and college students..

Aneesh Volunteer

I've been involved in this ministry for many years and look forward to many more Terrific giver experiences. Unrivaled in virtue of giver care and showcasing the long-term impact of gifts of any amount.

V . Sethumathavan Former Indian Volleyball Coach & Former Air Force

U.K.F has launched a fantastic initiative. I promise my full support to this initiative.

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