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The growing complexity of social issues places an increasing strain not only on governments, but also on individuals. Many people now believe that depending solely on public services will not solve these difficulties. As a result, more people desire to do something to assist solve society’s issues and are becoming increasingly interested in activities that contribute to society. There is a growing movement to join forces and work together to create a society based on mutual support.

Baiju P P Chairman and Managing Director

The network of people and organisations that we have developed through our efforts is the Universal Karmic Foundation’s most significant asset. We’ve seen firsthand how bringing individuals together can result in synergies. Our top objective is to solve current challenges on the ground.

Amaresh Director



In its own distinctive way, U.K.F reaches out to the masses. One of the nicest places for young people to effect the changes they wish to see in society. There are numerous options for them to hone their skills while contributing to a worthwhile social cause. The knowledge they obtain is immeasurable.


Vijeesh M K

Chief Volunteer

I am delighted to tell that my connection with the Universal Karmic Foundation has been terrific, and I consider it a privilege. My gratitude for the outstanding work that Universal Karmic Foundation is doing to help underprivileged people. U.K.F is investing in a better future for India by providing opportunities to those in need.

Pray to almighty to bless the adventurous venture of the”Universal karmic foundation” ;the need of the days for the individuals and society around the world!
Surya Narayanan K

Surya Narayanan


The Bhagavadgita says, “The world is imprisoned in selfish action” behave selflessly without any consideration of personal profit” Strive ceaselessly to serve the benefit of the world: a man attains the greatest aim of life by devotion to selfless effort.” I’ve always wondered if there may ever be some unselfish groups whose sole purpose is to help the poor, children, and deprived. I can now see that occurring in the U.K.F, and the devotion is genuine and pure




Volunteering with U.K.F. is a wonderful experience. I’ve been committed to U.K.F for a year. People on this board are quite cooperative. U.K.F is, in my opinion, an excellent platform for making a positive contribution to society.


Vinoop P P


It’s an honour to be a part of UKF. The Universal Karmic Foundation has inspired me to take action in order to help others. It has brought people together who have a desire to make a difference in society. I am honoured to be a part of such an organisation that not only preaches but also proves it in action.


The Universal Karmic Foundation is a laser-focused organisation that genuinely wants to make a difference. Any charity channelled through this organisation, I believe, will benefit the grassroots and contribute to the creation of a better India tomorrow.


Sujith Kumar